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Business Mentoring

Are you in your 20’s? Have you ever thought about owning your own business? Now may be the time. 30 Under 30 is a mentoring program designed specifically for women wanting to one day start their own business. Maybe you’ve thought about it but you just didn’t know how. Or maybe you thought you had to have a certain personality type.

30 under 30 program is designed to help you focus on your strengths, develop a business plan, and implement good business practices so you can have a long term profitable business that allows you to serve your family and your community and pursue your interests and passions. Whether it’s travel or writing that book you’ve had in your soul for so long, or just driving kids all around town, a successful business allows you the freedom to come and go.

30 Under 30 meets monthly online and in person in Edmond, OK. For more information about joining us, shoot me an email. I’d love to help you grow a successful business. It is my passion to help women fight for good work and the freedom to live the way they want to.

{I mentor 10 women every 4 months. For more information, email me at}