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The Dalke Dream Retreat

The Dalke Dream Retreat

We’ve prayed over this. Over planned it. Wondered if we really could. And then decided. It’s time for us to share our home with you! Yes, you’ll be staying in our HOME! 

One of our BIG dreams is to have a place to have retreats where people can come rest, dream, and work towards becoming the best version of themselves. And we decided that we shouldn’t wait until we have more space. We should do it now! 

We hosted our 1st Dream retreat last Fall for some of our SuperStar directors and their spouses, and it was life giving to us and them! 

This Fall, we are opening our home again to 6 Scentsy directors and their spouses for a special weekend of dreaming, planning, and action. This is our heartbeat, and we could not be more excited to welcome you into our home and our lives. 

The details: 
Friday, October 5th-Sunday, October 7th OR Friday, November 30- Sunday, December 2nd. 
The retreat will begin on Friday at 6:00 pm with dinner and drinks and will end on Sunday around 1:00 pm.

If you’re flying in, you’ll fly into the OKC Will Rogers World Airport. Once you land, we will be there to welcome you to Oklahoma! 

All expenses are included in the cost of registration: lodging, food, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), training materials, snacks, and experiences. (travel expenses not included) 
Each couple will have a private room stocked with your favorite snacks and drinks and fun gifts from the Dalkes. 2 couples will share a bathroom with another couple. 2 couples will have a private bathroom. 

Cost is $550 per couple paid at the time of registration.
*Your Scentsy title must be DQ or above to join us for this retreat.*

We only have space for 6 couples, so when we say intimate, we mean intimate! 

What can I expect at the retreat? 
This retreat is designed to be and intimate time of rest, dreaming, planning, and preparation for action. Each couple will walk away with a customized business plan based on your life, dreams, finances, and goals. We will also play, eat, and dream together! 

We will also discuss:
Business Systems
Business Finances
Time Management and planning 
Managing family and business 
and we’ll be looking at your specific business and situation to help you create a tailored business plan 


Q: Why do I need a significant other to attend?
A: This retreat is specifically designed for couples because we have a  passion for supporting marriages and businesses! We believe it’s incredibly valuable to be on the same page as your spouse when discussing and planning for your business. 

Q: Will you ever offer a retreat just for consultants (without spouses in attendance)? 
A: Yes! We are actually hosting one this month (that is already full!) and have plans to host more in the Spring. (Stay tuned for more info!) 

Q: Why is the cost $550 per couple if it’s in your home? 
A: We tailor each experience specifically to the couple including special gifts, amazing food and drinks, and an incredible surprise experience. 

Q: Why do I have to be a Director Q or above to attend? 
A: We will be discussing upper level leadership topics. We do plan on offering a similar retreat in the future to consultants at any title. 

Q: What if I’m not married or don’t have a significant other? 
A: We would love to have you at one of our consultant only retreats in the Spring. Dates to be announced soon. 

Q: Is there a payment plan?
A: We are not offering a payment plan at this time. 

To register, fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you via email for payment. Once paid, you will be officially registered! 

Come dream with us! 

14 years later

14 years later

I was crazy about you before you ever spoke a word to me. I watched you from across the room in our college government class from the very first day of class until you finally noticed me a whole month later.

Asking me if I had transferred into the class was not the smoothest move, but in reality, you could have told me I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe, and I would have been thrilled that you were talking to me.

Looking back, I can see how broken and lost I was. I think I wanted someone to save me. You, on the other hand, were heartbroken and apparently not into brunettes. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

The fact that we got married at 20 and 22 is still crazy to me. We were like tiny little babies. How did we have any clue what we were doing?

Maybe that’s part of it. We really didn’t know what we were doing. We had to grow up together. We both had to deal with our mess together. And boy, was it messy.

We fought a lot. We were both stubborn and strong willed, and neither one of us wanted to back down. So we fought, and made up. Over and over and over again.

Later we would learn a few things about marriage and about each other. I would learn that you needed my respect and my trust. You would learn that I needed your love and adoration. And slowly, but surely we would get better at this thing called marriage.

I can’t picture my life without you in it anymore. I’ve almost spent half of my life with you by my side.

Thinking about the way you love me, is humbling. You have seen me at my worst, my lowest, my scariest. But you’ve also seen me at the top, at my most joyful and adventurous moments, and you have loved me and adored me through every single up and down.

Our marriage counselor drew that picture for us. A jagged line on a piece of paper. He told us that our marriage would have highs and lows and that some of the lows would be lower than we could imagine, but if we could endure them, if we could stand by each other through them, the highs, oh the highs, they would so much higher. 

I’ve never forgotten that. I don’t remember anything else about marriage counseling. Something about a compliment sandwich (start with a compliment, then complain or nag, then end with a compliment). Obviously that’s not it. In case you’re wondering, that has never worked for us. (see previous paragraph about the fighting).

I don’t expect that we’ve seen the last of the lows. I’m sure the waves will still come our way, but somehow, we’ve made it this far, and I can honestly say, as a married couple, I think this has been our best year yet.  

If I had to identify one big shift, I would say it’s that we decided to fight on the same team. We made a conscious decision to be team Dalke. And that shift, has made a huge difference.

We also recognized that the devil is out for us, and will continue to be out for us. He hates marriage. And he hates us, because we love marriage, and we fight for it and try to help other people fight for it too.

And to that, we say, “bring it on.” According to your research this morning on marriages, we haven’t quite beat the odds yet, but we’re well on our way.

In case you’re reading this and wondering what other significant changes we’ve made: We carve out time to intentionally communicate and we have shared dreams and goals for our lives and our family.

So what do you say after 14 years of marriage. I think it’s simply thank you. Thank you for dreaming with me, for fighting with me and for me, for seeing the world with me, for having those beautiful babies with me, for loving Jesus, for leading our family, and for adoring me the way you do.

I still don’t believe that God makes one specific person for all of us, but I’m pretty sure he thought the 2 of us would be pretty great together. And we are. We totally are. I can’t wait for the wild and crazy adventure of the next 14 years and more.

From now on

From now on

The first four months of 2018 have felt like progress and defeat all at the same time to me. I started out the year with some big goals and some even bigger dreams. And along the way, I’ve gotten scared, wondered if we can make it all happen, and doubted my ability to really follow through.

But that’s the thing about big dreams isn’t it?

They tend to hover overhead, just out of reach, taunting you into wondering if you have what it takes.

I think the enemy likes big dreams. I think he likes to send his little soldiers appropriately named fear and doubt directly towards our hearts. I’ve noticed that when I’m binge watching Netflix or mindlessly scrolling social media, the devil doesn’t give me too much trouble. He heckles me sometimes about those couple cupcakes I ate last week but if I’m not walking towards big goals and dreams, he pretty much lets me be.

But those dreams….the plans and the goals and the making myself better part…all that seems to really rile him up. And I bet the same thing happens to you.

You know when you want to change something and you really step into it, and you make a plan and set a goal, what always happens? Opposition. Those little devil soldiers come marching right in trying to tell us we’re not good enough to change or that we’re not disciplined enough or talented enough or pretty enough or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

They’re lies my friends. All lies. 

This year, as I’ve stepped into the big God sized dreams we have for our life, I’ve felt the opposition more than I ever have. And it’s staring to really tick me off. I’m over it. I’ve learned that we can choose to be over it and start to ignore the lies that get pushed into our head from the enemy. We can choose to live in the victory that Christ gave us on the cross. To me, opposition has become one more reason to fight hard and then harder still. 

I refuse to let mediocrity lead my life. I truly believe we were all made for more than average.

I believe you were made for greatness, friend. 

But are you walking in greatness? Or are you choosing to shrink to mediocrity? I’m not asking to point blame or tell you how much you suck. Mostly I’m asking myself. 

I said I was going to start writing a book this year.

Have I started? Nope.

Have a made a million excuses as to why I don’t have time to write? Yes.

Regardless of how things have gone so far this year for you or for me, there is always now. From now on things can be different. We can choose to rise to the greatness we’re called to live in. 

Will it be messy? Of course. Will we mis-step? Obviously. And we’ll make a mess of things and make mistakes and doubt ourselves over and over again.

The devil’s little soldiers will charge forward on full attack. You living up to your potential, using your gifts and talents to further the kingdom of God….that’s the kind of living the devil will try to take out. But guess what? The devil’s fighters don’t have power over you! You’re the only one who gets to choose how far their advances go.

So today, after having not written on this blog for 9 months, I’m saying ENOUGH. I have victory to claim through Jesus Christ and so do you.

For me, that means I have to start writing again. I’ve let the devil tell me I have nothing of value to say for far too long. So from now, I’m a writer again. And I get to stand up and decide that because I’m the daughter of the King of the world. And you can make the same kind of decisions.

Will I be great at it? Who knows. I’ll probably suck for a while.

Will I have to fight for the time and mental space to write? Oh yeah… a soldier.

But from now on, I’m a fighter. And I think you should be a fighter too. 

Your fight is probably different than mine. But it’s a fight worth fighting.


Ask yourself….

What is your heart yearning for?

What did you used to love to do as a child that you stopped doing?

What do you dream about doing or becoming?

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to serve?

Where do you want to give more?


Maybe it’s time for all of us to dream again.

And now, what you waiting for? Netflix and social media will always be there to distract you from living the life you’re called to. I believe you’re called to big, beautiful things. I don’t think those dreams in your heart are random or selfish or unimportant. I think they’re worth fighting for. 

So what is it for you?

What is it time to fight for?

Let’s go to war, friends. 

You know where you can find me. I’ll be here, or at home, or on the road, but from now on, I’ll be writing about all of it. 


Finding Rest from Good Work

Finding Rest from Good Work

This November, we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary with Scentsy. Ten years seems like such a long time to me especially when this is never what I set out to do with my life. Even though this wasn’t my plan, here we are, almost 10 years later, still loving what we get to call our “job.”

But if I’m honest, I haven’t always loved this work. It’s been extremely difficult at times to stay motivated in the day to day grind of sharing the opportunity and selling and coaching hosts and leading a team. But I know it’s not just my job that gets mundane at times. Once you’ve done any one thing for a period of time, it can become pretty ordinary and start to feel stagnant.

I don’t want to do work that I’m not passionate about and I’m guessing you don’t either. I don’t want to give my all to something when I myself am lacking the inspiration to get things done. I’ve tried lots of things to remedy this lack of inspiration over the years. We’ve attended countless trainings, listened to mentors, sought out new and exciting ways to grow our business. We went through a season where we literally changed the way we did everything in hopes of finding some fresh motivation behind new methods. Some of those things worked and some of those things just found me more overwhelmed and uninspired.

The only thing that has brought me back time and time again to a place of inspiration, self-motivation, and positive growth in my business is rest.

Yes, you read that right, simply rest.

All the good work we have to offer the world can be increased and multiplied by rest.

I know that rest sounds counterintuitive. If I lack motivation and inspiration, shouldn’t I work harder to find that? Not necessarily. Sometimes you just need rest from the good work you’re doing.

One of the major problems with direct sells I see these days is that because of the way it works (i.e. sales, sponsoring, building and leading a team, etc) your work can never end. You can literally work as many hours a week as your heart desires on your business. Go, go, go, go, don’t miss the momentum, don’t miss the call, don’t miss the opportunity, don’t miss the chance to learn. Those are all good things, but most things are good i moderation, not excess.

The never ending work day, work week, work month and work year slowly snowballs into burn out. I have seen more leaders leave direct sales over burn out than for any other reason. 

And that’s where we circle back around to rest. Rest is the place where you’re reminded of why you do what you do and what it is you’re working towards anyways. Rest is the place where you remember who you are and what you have to offer the world. Rest is the place where you breathe and eat and fellowship and play. Rest is where inspiration and motivation is re-birthed.

But what is rest?

It is not sleep or idle time in front of the tv or scrolling social media. It’s really the opposite of all 3 of those things. Rest is finding peace in a chaotic world. It’s re-connecting with you are and the things and people that you love. It’s being disconnected from the big and re-connected with the small. So how do you find rest in our busy, busy world? Here are some simple ideas to help get you started:

1. Set work timelines
Everyday, before the day begins, I prioritize my 3 big wins for the day, and set a stop time on my work. What doesn’t get done within the timeline of the workday, simply doesn’t get done. This helps in several areas of my business. First of all, it helps me identify the most valuable tasks in front of me and helps me make them a priority for the day. Because I’ve set a timeline for my workday and 3 big wins, I’m focused on getting those 3 things done within the timeline and I become more productive…less time scrolling Facebook or shopping on Amazon, or answering texts or calls that may interrupt my tasks for the day.

2. Stop 
This seems so simple, but when you “work” in an environment where you can literally work all hours of the day, it’s easy to just keep going. But you need to stop. Hold true to your timeline, and stop working. Texts, Facebook messages, emails, phone calls, they can all be tended to later when you’ve set aside some time to work. Don’t let your phone rule your life. Stop working and be present.
(If you’re thinking you can’t do this because you’ve always been available, let people know that you aren’t always going to be available and why. They’ll adjust to your lack of constant availability, and they may even respect you more for setting some boundaries.)

3. Take care of you
Taking care of you looks different for all of us. For me, working out, cooking dinner, having my family around the table, praying, putting my phone away, reading, playing with my kids, journaling, painting my nails, having a glass of wine, sitting outside, dating my spouse, traveling, visiting with friends….and the list goes on….these are all ways that I take care of me. All of the above listed items are things that bring me joy and restoration and peace. They calm down my always running mind and allow me to focus on the things I love the most about my life, my faith, and my family.

4. Put away your phone
This may be the biggest challenge for all of us. We have become hyper connected to the world around us. Some people think that because we have a phone, we should be available at a moment’s notice to respond to a text or answer a phone call or check Facebook or instagram or twitter or snapchat, or read an email. But it’s not true. Just because you have a phone you can carry in your pocket, doesn’t mean you have to carry it in your pocket all the time. Part of finding rest is learning how to disconnect from the things that don’t truly matter and re-connect with the things and people that do truly matter. I have been known to have my head in my phone while watching my kids play outside. I have been known to say “just a minute” to my kids while I finish a post or a comment or response to a text. We’re all guilty of those things. And honestly, the phone issue doesn’t go away unless we intentionally make a conscious effort to change the way we view our availability. Simply put it away. Plug it in in your room while you’re making dinner or leave it in the car while your kids are playing at the park, or set “no phone” hours in your house. Do what works for you, but put it away.

5. Remember who you are
Often our constant focus on the bottom line and our progress in our work can consume us. I have found that remembering who I am and the talents and interests that I’ve had for almost all of my life, make me a better business owner and leader and parent. Ask yourself these questions:
What did I love to do as a child? What did I want to be when I grew up? What are 10 things I would do with a free afternoon and no other obligations?
The answers to those questions may seem irrelevant, but they aren’t. They reveal a lot about who you are, what you believe, and what you were created to do on this Earth. For example, as a child I loved to write and dance and explore and hike and play hide and seek. Many of those things I didn’t do for years. But re-discovering those gifts and talents and interests created a new inspiration in my business and my work day.
I’ve loved to write since I was a little girl. I have journals filled with words and dreams and lists and goals and plans, but I wasn’t actively using writing in my business. Now, writing has become part of the way I communicate with my team and leaders and potential customers. I have re-structured my work day to include writing as one of the ways I work my business.
Remembering who we are may seem silly and unnecessary and very un-business like, but getting to the root of who you are and what you love to do and finding rest in doing things you actually enjoy doing can rejuvenate and refresh your business in ways you never thought possible.

I don’t want you to burn out. No matter what field of business you’re in, no matter what your job is, there are ways to find renewed strength and passion for whatever it is you call your work. The first step to getting there is by finding rest.