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Okay, so I made a commitment to make a post a day in March, April, and May, and this week, I fell behind on that commitment. But right now, I’m catching up!

As I write this, Brian and I are on a plane on our way home from Las Vegas a.k.a. “Sin City.” Being in Vegas over Spring Break and St. Patrick’s day made it very obvious why it’s been coined Sin City. But more on that later, let me first make my excuses as to why I didn’t write for 3 days.

As you may have read, we spent the first night in Vegas seeing the legendary Celine Dion. It was the experience of a lifetime. So much of an experience that it deserves its own post to follow very soon.

Before Celine though, we spent the day hanging out around town.

We rented a jeep and rode over to downtown Vegas to check out the sites and then headed back to the strip for lunch.

We had a delicious lunch at Maggiano’s in Fashion Show.

We then headed over to the Wynn to check out the sites there. It was awesome! I love the Wynn and I’ve heard that the best spa in Vegas is at it’s twin Encore, which the owner of the Wynn built in honor of his wife. So sweet!

Day 2:
My husband decided to buy us tickets to fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter! I know! Its so “the Bachelor”! And it was one of the coolest experiences of my life: so there’s more to come on that soon.

After the helicopter ride, we headed over to Mandalay Bay where we had a great dinner with live Johnny Cash music at the House of Blues. It made me feel right at home! Plus all of Mandalay Bay smells like coconut suntan lotion instead of smoke like the other casinos, so I love it! You know I love anything that smells good.

Delicious Chicken Fried Chicken and Mashed potatoes!

That night, we decided to go see a traditional Vegas showgirls show. All I can say is that it was awkward and uncomfortable. Plus the acting was cheesy and the humor was out of place. Maybe it’s our continuously growing faith that made us uncomfortable (I actually hope so) but we didn’t even stay until the end. It just was not what I thought it would be.

After the show, we ventured to the Bellagio, which is a beautiful hotel! One of my favorites. Brian ended up at a blackjack table with the Abc sportscaster from Dallas. We had a ton of fun, and Brian won some money, but we stayed out far too late! So day 1 of not posting was due to having too much late night fun in Vegas.

Brian with his Bellagio black jack winnings 😉

Day 3 in Vegas:
The next morning, was the 1st day of fellow SuperStar Director, Becca Levie’s leadership retreat that we were asked to speak at. Unfortunately, I woke up with flu like symptoms. I haven’t been sick in over 9 years, and here I am in Vegas on the day I’m supposed to speak, and I can’t get out of bed.

Thankfully, my husband is not only a great husband, but also a great nurse. He waited on me hand and foot and represented for both of us a the leadership retreat until I was well enough to come down.

I eventually made it to the retreat to contribute to round table discussions and give my presentation on “Connecting with your team more effectively through” thanks to my friends the Stewarts who introduced us to ustream in the first place. I was not up to my normal speaking ability, but everyone was excited about having a new way to connect with their teams.

After speaking, we retreated back to the room where I managed to sleep from 5:00 pm to noon the next day. I turned down food and wine and even the chance to go see Cirque du Soleil- KA. I was definitely sick. I felt like I had been hit by a bus. There lies the reason that I missed a 2nd day of posting.

Day 4 in Vegas:
Unfortunately I have no good reason for not posting on the 3rd day except that I was healthy, enjoying the leadership retreat, and having a great time with my husband.

Once I woke up on Saturday and managed to eat something, I got to sit in on the remainder of the retreat. Becca Levie always manages to inspire me and make me want  to be a better leader. She is a truly phenomenal woman.

After the retreat, we slipped away to enjoy one last night together in Vegas. Our plans included dinner, shopping, and one final show: Cirq Du Soil’s O at the Bellagio. More to come on that night soon too.

So in conclusion, this is really one long excuse paper as to way I’m behind on posting. Pease excuse my lateness, but also enjoy the following posts with more details of all the fun we had in Vegas. And remember that sometimes there is a lot of meaning to the saying, “better late than never.”

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