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 So I have to give my husband a million thank yous for

  1. finding such great Celine tickets and
  2. for going with me!

If you ask him, he will tell you he enjoyed it. It would have been impossible for any human being in the room to not be in absolute awe of this woman. There are very few people who have the God given talent that she does.

I won’t even be able to put into words what it’s like to see her live. She’s simply incredible. She opens her mouth and beautiful music comes out so effortlessly. And on top of her talent, she’s passionate. I laughed and cried and danced and cried some more in that hour and a half.

I’m actually tearing up just thinking about it. One of the most emotional moments for me was before she ever even came on stage. The show opened with a video of her closing her last show in Vegas and her world tour which ended in 2009. After the last show of her world tour, there was a video of her and husband and her little boy getting into the car and driving away. Celine was obviously very choked up. Her little boy asked her, ” Mom, when will you do another show?” and she replies with obvious tears, ” It’ll be at least year and 1/2.”

Her son sits in the back very quite. And Celine asks him, ” Is that okay?” and you can hear him begin to hold back sniffles too. She then says to her son, ” We’re going to do lots of things together, just us. Will that be okay?” and you can hear him say “Okay.”.

I cried like a baby. It was such a powerful moment. From that moment on, it was so blatantly obvious that her being on stage is exactly what she was made to do. Even her children know it! Her entire family is a part of it. They go everywhere with her. She is a wonderful mom. She sang a lullaby for her twin babies and let us all experience home videos of her family, which also made every woman in the room cry.

I wish you could have been there. To see someone living out exactly what they were put on this earth to do is one of the most inspiring things you can witness.

I left feeling alive, but also feeling that I wanted exactly what she had. I don’t want to be famous or be a head liner in Vegas. I have no desire for that kind of fame, and I know that’s not what God had in mind for my life, but I do want other people to be able to look at me and my life and know that I am living in the will of God. That I am here doing exactly what I, and only I, was made to do.

We were each put here for a unique purpose. And our ultimate job is to figure out what our purpose is and then be audacious enough to live it out.

I can’t help but think about the guts that woman has. To say, I’m going to tour the world. I’m going to sing for everyone who will hear. I’m going to have chart topping songs. And I’m going to head line in Vegas, not once, but at least twice in my life while raising my family and being a mom. Now that is having audacious faith. That is living the life that you, and only you, were intended to live.

Do you ever think that a life like that is only for some? Maybe you’re right. But what if you’re wrong? What if we were all supposed to live lives of true purpose. Lives that lived out the fulfillment of what God had in mind for us when He created us?

I think most of the time, the life we are supposed to live is scarier than we are willing to think about and more than we are willing to risk. But the one thing I do know is that each of us was uniquely created for a specific purpose. It may not be singing to thousands on a stage in Vegas, but seeing Celine in person, reminded me that we all have what she has. We all have the ability to live like she does. We just have to find our purpose and be willing to do what it takes to live it out to the fullest.

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