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You spend your small investment, start your business, and find some success. You continue working for a year, maybe two, and then you see something else. It’s shiny and new. It looks exciting, and if you could be successful at what you’re currently doing, maybe you could be even more successful at this. Plus, you’re kind of tired of selling the same thing month after month, over and over again.

Tempting right? And maybe this new opportunity would be even better because you could “get in early,” and be one of the 1st consultants. Why wouldn’t you try? 

Perception: If I can be successful at one direct sales business, I can be successful at more than one. or If I can be successful at one direct sales business, I can go to another one and be just as successful or even more.
Reality: The grass is not greener somewhere else. The grass is green where you water it and only where you water it. And it’s hard to water more than one yard.

I’ve seen too many consultants leave their company to go do something that seems more interesting or that may be “a better opportunity” only to get burned out again and go looking for the newest thing.

I can assure you, no matter what product you sell, no matter how much money you’re making, there is always burnout to some extent. {more on that in tomorrow’s blog post} Leaving and finding something shiny and new will not make that burnout go away.

The better idea is to get back to your purpose. Why were you doing this in the first place? Did you want to take your family on vacation? Did you want to have something to call your own? Were you intrigued by the challenge of trying something new and seeing whether or not you could do it? Maybe you needed extra spending cash or wanted to help with the family bills. Whatever your main purpose, you’ve got to reconnect with that. Ask yourself what changes in your life if that purpose becomes a reality. Maybe you’ve reached your goal and need a new vision for your business. Get to the heart of it, and create a solid and visible vision of what you want from this business. Make a list of everything that you have because of your business that you didn’t have before, but don’t go looking for the next best thing. More than likely, you’ll only be disappointed.

Water your own grass, encourage those women who are doing their thing in direct sales, and remember that trying to water too many yards at once will only result in some dried out and uninspiring front yards.

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Speaking of change, {which we chatted about yesterday} our websites got a new update last night, and they’re beautiful! Go check it out.