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I recently read that Jerry Seinfeld is such a great comedian because he refused to “break the chain.” When asked how he was so successful as a writer, he said that he never “broke the chain.”

Jerry Seinfeld made it a point to write everyday, and everyday that he wrote he would make an “x” on his calendar. The x’s began to make a chain. If he didn’t write, he didn’t get to make an x on the calendar, and therefore, his chain would be broken.

There are things that are worth doing everyday through discipline. Sometimes the things that are hard to do everyday are actually worth doing, like working out, cooking, writing, etc.

“A Post a Day in March, April, and May” has challenged me. I’m getting in my post for Friday, March 11th after a very interesting day. It was Luke’s 2nd birthday; we had an extra (5 month old) baby today; and in the middle of writing this post, Addison puked.

And yet, there are things worth doing everyday.

Don’t break the chain.