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It seems like all my Mondays are crazy! But the Monday during Spring Break is sure to be even more crazy than usual.

Wednesday morning, Brian and I will head to Las Vegas to speak at a Scentsy training being held by the fabulous Becca Levie. I can’t wait! But that means that my intentional planning has to be kicked into high gear tonight and tomorrow! I have to plan out all my to do’s for the 2 days before we leave, make a schedule for the kiddos for while we’re gone, stock up at the grocery store, go to the bank and the car wash, have coffee with a team member, and the list could literally go on and on.

Plus, tomorrow is Addison’s 4th birthday! I can’t believe my baby is going to be 4. We had an amazing birthday party on Saturday that was a ton of fun for everyone. (pics and all the details to come soon!) And tonight we celebrated our birthday weekend (Luke turned 2 on Friday) with dinner at Shiki! My kids love the hibachi grill…it’s entertainment with great food….who could ask for more?!

Oh, and did I mention that the reason my Mondays are usually busy without planning a trip to Vegas? I only do laundry on Mondays! Intentionally. I know it sounds crazy, but it has made my life so much easier throughout the week! I do have to start on Sunday night with a couple loads, but all the rest gets done on Mondays. So we’re going to add laundry on  top of the never ending list of to-dos above, and hope for a good Monday!

I only tell you about the craziness of my life because I’m pretty sure that there are many days out of a week when many of us are surrounded by craziness. If you have children and a husband, you don’t have a choice, you almost have to live in craziness.

I do think you have the ability to control the crazy. So follow me…..
If you admit that there are going to be things you are not going to have control over, and you decide before they ever happen, that are are going to react in a positive way, you will be amazed at what your outlook on “craziness” will be.

Often times are lives are crazy only because we allow the craziness to control us. We allow other people and other events to alter our outlook and perspective on the day. If you start to make yourself conscious of the way you react to the “crazy” happenings throughout your day, you will see that you can control the crazy. You can be proactive about your reactions.

So with Manic Monday approaching soon, I am sending you off, hoping that you will control the crazy! Remember: We were meant to thrive, not merely survive.

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