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Tonight I’m thankful for a wonderful company that brought my family so close together and for the amazing women that I love and have amazing relationships with.

I got to spend tonight with 3 of my sister-in-laws who I love as much as my own flesh and blood sister because of Scentsy. I have to wonder if we would ever have had the relationship we have without our association with Scentsy.

I don’t think I could love Jacquelyn, Kristi, and Kathleen more even if we had grown up together. They are 3 of my best friends and always will be. I look up to them, respect them, and am so proud of each of them.

I’m also thankful that Scentsy has brought my mom and I closer. I never would have imagined the relationship we would grow from being able to “work” together.

I’m just thankful tonight for the amazingly strong and influential women in my life. Sometimes we all need to stop and recognize those we love, and spend some much needed time with them which is exactly what we’re doing!

Until there’s more,

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