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 Oh the Grand Canyon! I have never seen it from the ground, but I have now seen it from the sky! Here we are on our way, and our Swedish friends were nice enough to add a little to the picture for fun times.

Here I am sitting next to the pilot. They deemed me the most likely candidate to be able to land the helicopter in the unlikely event that our pilot killed over……

 Totally kidding….sitting arrangements have to do with weight not potential flying ability.  I look excited don’t I?!
 And here is Brian commentating the event.
The Hoover Dam on a cloudy day, I might add. But still very impressive, clouds and all.
The Colorado River

As we flew from Boulder City, Nevada, over the Colorado River (which acts as the border between Arizona and Nevada) and towards the Grand Canyon, I couldn’t help but be impressed with God’s ability to show off. The scenery was beautiful, majestic, even. And seeing it all from the sky was an amazing experience.

This is about the best picture we captured of the true majestic quality of the Grand Canyon. It’s been coined one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and very rightfully so. Unfortunately my pictures do it no justice, but at least you’ll get the idea of our experience.

On the way back!

The trip was about an hour long. And I will say that being in a helicopter flying over the world and being able to see it all, was pretty cool. It was yet another experience in my life that left me without doubt that a true artist created all of this for us. The splendor and the beauty was all made by His hand. And although the Grand Canyon has changed and evolved and will continue to over the coming years, He had all of that in mind.

After our flight over a very small section of the Grand Canyon, I can’t wait to see it from the top of the canyon itself. What an amazing work of God.

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