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The Dreaming Table

Join us every Monday night at 8:30 pm CT at our dining room table (via facebbok or youtube live) as we talk about all the things that have been shared around our table over the years.
Marriage, sex, family, values, personal growth, dreaming big God-sized dreams, living a purpose-filled life…all those things and more. Come to the table and dream with us.
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Business Coaching Calls

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The Dream Retreat

The dream retreat is designed for married couples who want to strengthen their marriages by clarifying their vision and purpose as a couple and a family. The weekend is a mix of learning new ways to communicate, new ways to show love + respect, and spending some time dreaming together as a team and creating a vision for your future + your family. We believe that when your vision is strong and united, the struggles of the world become less important. We also dive deep into weekly + daily communication, sex, the obstacles of life + work, family management, and scheduling.